Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recent Comments/ New Job

I just wanted to thank everybody who left comments on my blog, it makes me happy that people are actually reading this.  Oh by the way I am WORKING now... I am a teachers aide/assistant/lunch helper/diaper changer.. I'm having a lot of fun teaching the little kids, mostly the 2 year olds.  Not too fun is getting sick from the many germ refrigerators that I play with each day.  I've been getting colds more often that I can even remember and I think I had some sort of flu last week... So back to making chicken soup or Jewish penicillin this weekend definitely!!!


Ansh said...

oh dear! Yo must keep your intake of Vit C high. That helps build resistance to flu and of course the soups help too!

ellyse said...

Yes, definately!! Thanks for visiting ;-)